Batmobile Parts

Equally important in your quest for buildling your dream batmobile are the actual "Batmobile Parts".

Why settle for cheap plastic or inaccurate imitations when you can get the most accurate genuine parts for your batmobile? Check out authentic metal parts from Wayne Industries and Other members from the links below.

You already invested time, effort, and big money into buying the right batmobile kit for your build. Do not shortchange your hard work by using inaccurate or cheap parts. Look for authentic and genuine batmobile parts from people who've studied and built the actual batmobile replicas and not cheap copies from late players who claim to be again "THE BEST"??? Anyone tired of the word "BEST" yet?

1989 Batmobile Kit Facts

The major items to look for is the body panels straight or wavy check rear fender areas, hood dip, front sides around the Frisbee launch doors, the rear upper top intake mold line usually has a "V" type dent across the middle. Most gun doors I have seen are very warped. Check for canopy and trunk lid for misalignment. Look at the headlight and intake area head on and check for one side not matching the other side.

Batmobile - 1989 Version